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Response by Bert Koenders to the attack in Nice

Minister of Foreign Affairs

‘Once again the world has witnessed a brutal and horrific crime against humanity. This time in Nice, where people were celebrating their national holiday. We must all pull together and take an even more resolute stand against the epidemic of terrorist violence. I feel deeply for the people of France, and I have offered my condolences to my colleague Jean-Marc Ayrault. More than ever before our society needs to unite and not let itself be divided by fear. That is precisely the aim of those responsible for these atrocities.’

The minister is in close contact with the Dutch ambassador in Paris, who is travelling to Nice. ‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working hard to determine whether any Dutch nationals were caught up in the attack,’ said Mr Koenders. ‘However, we cannot confirm anything as yet.’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +31 (0)247 247 247.

The minister is currently on a working visit to Chile and Brazil.

One minute silence at ASEM top in Mongoly -  foto: Damir Sagolj

One minute silence for the victems in Nice at ASEM top in Mongoly - foto: Damir Sagolj